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How to Desolder Pipe Fittings

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How to Desolder Pipe Fittings
How to Desolder Pipe Fittings


Fill a bucket with cold water and place by the work area.
Place heavy work gloves on your hands to protect them from the heat.

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Ignite the propane torch, then grasp the pipe with a pair of slip-joint pliers just below the fitting. Apply the flame directly to the bead of solder between the fitting and the pipe. Move the flame around the solder joint. The solder will begin to melt.
Set down the torch and grasp the fitting with a second pair of slip-joint pliers and twist the pliers in opposite directions. Keep working the pliers back and forth until the fitting detaches from the end of the pipe.
Place the hot fitting into a bucket of cold water and place an old rag soaked in the water over the end of the pipe. This will ensure that the fitting and the pipe are not laying around hot, which may cause injury.
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