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P235GH Steel pipe

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P235GH Steel pipe
Feature Of P235GH Material
C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni Al Cu Nb Ti V Cr+Cu+Mo+Ni
MIN 0.02
MAX 0.16 0.35 1.20 0.025 0.020 0.30 0.08 0.30 0.3 0.01 0.04 0.02 0.7
Chemical Composition
The chemical composition of P235GH carbon steel pipe has strict requirements, and the content of elements such as carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, etc. must meet the requirements of EN 10216-2 standard. This ensures the excellent performance of P235GH carbon steel pipes, enabling them to function in pipeline systems in high-temperature and high-pressure environments.
P235GH steel pipe is a carbon steel material pipe, which belongs to the European standard EN10216-2. EN 10216-2 is an important standard of the European for alloy steel pipes for pressure equipment. It specifies the material characteristics, process characteristics, and application scope of steel pipes, providing important technical basis for related industries.
The EN 10216-2 standard includes materials such as P195GH (1.0348), P235GH (1.0345), P265GH (1.0425), 16Mo3 (1.5415), 13CrMo4-5 (1.7335), etc.
MATERIAL T.S (MPA) Y.S (MPA) EL % Impact Properties
P235GH(1.0345) 360-500 235 min 25 min 40min(0℃)
Mechanical Properties
P235GH steel pipe has high strength, plasticity, and toughness, which can meet the requirements of various complex stress conditions. These excellent mechanical properties make P235GH perform well in manufacturing containers and pipelines under high temperature and pressure.
Process Feature Of P235GH Steel Pipe
The manufacturing process of P235GH steel pipes strictly follows relevant standards and specifications, including the selection of raw materials, formulation of production processes, and control of welding quality, to ensure product quality and safety reliability.
The smelting and refining process of P235GH carbon steel pipe adopts advanced process methods, ensuring the purity and uniformity of the steel, making it have good processing and welding performance, and can meet the requirements of various complex pipeline systems.
In addition, heat treatment is an important step in the manufacturing process of P235GH steel pipes. By using a reasonable heat treatment process, the microstructure of steel pipes can be adjusted to improve their strength and toughness, while reducing residual stress and deformation. This helps to ensure that the steel pipe maintains stable performance during use.
MATERIAL Heat Treatment Temperature Cooling Medium
P235GH(1.0345) Normalizing 880 to 940 ℃ Air
The process characteristics of P235GH steel pipe are mainly reflected in advanced smelting and refining methods, excellent processing performance, reasonable heat treatment process, and strict manufacturing standards. These characteristics make P235GH steel pipe a high-performance and reliable low-alloy steel pipe material, widely used in chemical, petroleum, natural gas, nuclear power and other fields.
Dimension Of P235GH Steel Pipe
The dimension range of P235GH carbon steel pipe covers a wide, with an outer diameter range of 10.2mm to 711mm and a wall thickness range of 1.6mm to 100mm. Can meet the design requirements of different pipeline systems.
In addition, the length of seamless steel pipes is also one of the factors to consider when selecting. Generally speaking, the length of a product may mainly be between 6-12 meters, but this may also vary due to supplier and customization needs.
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